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Core Belief

Christian drug rehabilitation programs are based on the core idea that faith in God combined with medical interventions can free the individual from his drug addiction. These programs encourage the individuals to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and through this relationship, the addicts are able to find their purpose and meaning in life. It teaches that when a person clings to Jesus, they have the power to ultimately free themselves from addiction.

Residents of a Christian drug rehab facility join in devotions and Bible studies that will deepen their understanding of their faith. They also join in 12- Step meetings that are regularly held together with the facilitators or counselors of the rehab program. Originally used by Alcoholic Anonymous, 12- Step programs basically teach participants that only by surrendering their addiction to God will recovery be possible. This makes it a perfect match for the faith-based intervention approach of Christian drug rehab.

Christian drug rehab provides a holistic approach to treatment. It does not merely treat the physical addiction. Rather, it looks at the entire picture—your family issues, stress and work—that could have led to the addiction and seeks to treat it. It also features the support of the community in that the program helps you find employment (if you need it) and assists you in finding an environment that will encourage you to continue living a drug-free life after rehab.

Activities in Christian Drug Rehab

Just like other rehab programs, Christian drug rehab also assesses each addict comprehensively. If they find that the addiction has become so entrenched in the individual, they will ensure that the patient’s plan will include the necessary medical assistance, such as to help manage withdrawal symptoms and other conditions. One-on-one counseling sessions with certified counselors are also a regular part of the program.

Classes are also part and parcel of Christian drug rehab. Instead of math and science, however, these classes cover topics on life and relationships. Students are then given assignments to accomplish afterwards. These assignments are meant to give each client a deeper understanding of himself and what he is going through.

In addition to the prayers and Bible studies, residents of a Christian Drug Rehab facility are asked to follow routine work activities that have therapeutic purposes as well. These include making their bed, gardening, cooking, cleaning their rooms and yard and in general, maintaining the facility. It also lines up fitness activities like hiking, basketball and engaging in community service programs. They may visit local nursing homes or participate in other civic projects.

This type of drug rehab also encourages the participation of family members. They are usually asked to come on particular days of the week so that they and the drug addict will form stronger bonds and mend relationships that have been broken by drug addiction.

To help in the transition program, faith-based drug rehab also features aftercare programs that help the newly-reformed individual cope with mainstream society after his stay in the facility.

Is Christian Rehab Right for You?

Not everyone contending with drug addiction will benefit from a Christian drug rehab program. Some will do better on a tradition program while others will benefit from other approaches. Try answering the following questions to see if Christian rehab is right for you:

1. Are you comfortable with spiritual instruction? From counseling to Bible classes to morning devotions, Christian drug rehab will always have spiritual instruction as a component of their program. You have to be ready to join in these activities in this type of rehab facility to make the most of your recovery.

2. Are you ready to surrender yourself to God? The teachings of the Bible and acceptance of Jesus Christ as the only one who can deliver you from your addiction are core elements of this type of rehab program. If you aren’t too comfortable with these teachings, you might be more comfortable in trying other programs.

3. Are you ready to get the support of a Christian community? Community support is another integral part of Christian drug rehab, especially after you have completed the inpatient treatment program. If you’re comfortable with having a local church support you as you continue your journey towards a drug-free life, Christian drug rehab could be an option for you!

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