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Operating on the core belief that the human body is a powerful and amazing vessel that is capable of healing itself naturally, holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs seek to free the entire person from his addiction through natural and homeopathic methods. A holistic rehabilitation program heals the entire person physically, mentally and spiritually without pressuring the individual to conform to traditional doctrines.


For natural healing to be feasible, the right conditions have to be in place. This is what a holistic treatment center seeks to establish. In holistic rehab, patients are greeted with a spa-like environment. Unlike traditional treatment programs that use the 12 step programs, holistic treatment takes out the institutional and clinical feel of rehab. Rather, the setting is often relaxed, calm and comfortable, increasing the chances that a person will fully recover from the addiction.

Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Moreover, a holistic rehab program provides the individual seeking treatment with a purely drug-free environment in which to recover. Unlike modern approaches which try to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal by prescribing medication to the patient, holistic treatments carry out the program without drugs.

Holistic programs teach the patient to take personal responsibility for his well-being. 12 step programs believe that individuals should surrender their addiction to a Higher Being. It lets individuals realize that addiction is something that is learned. It is a choice—a poor choice—that addicts resort to in order to cope with personal problems and situations. Thus, holistic programs see to it that both the addiction and the underlying issues are addressed so that the body, mind and soul of the person are treated fully.


Holistic programs utilize many different forms of alternative therapies. These include acupuncture, pet therapy, tai-chi, bio feedback, creative arts therapy, aromatherapy, breath work therapy, equine therapy, group and individual counseling, hydrotherapy, journaling, imagery, martial arts, massage, physical exercise, spirituality, nutritional counseling and therapy, meditation, wilderness therapy, yoga, stress management and spa, sauna and steam treatments. Having a daily activity log, journaling and home remedies that have to do with herbs and roots are also included in the list of possible treatments that can be used in a holistic treatment program.


Holistic rehab relies on the resilience of the human body. Because each person is complex and has different reactions to treatments, holistic therapies can take longer compared to detox or drug-assisted programs. Those who want immediate gratification may find this frustrating but the holistic approach makes the patient understand that when abuse has been going on for years, it can take years for the body to heal completely. When using Holistic Treatment, the goal is for everyone to find balance in their lives.

Achieving balance in life will allow you to feel better about yourself and perform better in the end. If you believe Holistic Treatment is right for you, give us a call at 1-800-407-1114.

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