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Addiction Recovery and Treatment

Drug addiction has become so prevalent this day and age that it is possible that someone you know has a dependency to drugs at varying levels. Getting them help immediately is imperative since it is easier to treat a drug user when the addiction is still in its early stages. The more dependent a person becomes, the harder it is for treatment to become successful.

The first thing that you need to do is to spot the drug addict. Just like any other disease, drug addiction is a disorder that manifests itself physically, behaviorally and psychologically. If you associate breathing difficulties and wheezing with an asthma attack then a drug dependency also has its own manifestations.

If you suspect that a loved one is abusing drugs, observe him physically. Someone who is using drugs has bloodshot eyes, with pupils growing bigger or smaller than what they usually are. As the dependency grows, he starts to neglect his physical appearance until he becomes disheveled. His hair begins to grow unkempt and because of the substances he is taking combined with poor grooming, he starts to smell weird. As addiction really takes hold, he begins to smell downright odorous. Another visible physical sign of drug addiction is sudden changes in weight. He could gain or lose weight within a short amount of time. He also starts to have tremors and coordination begins to suffer. His speech gets slurred and even becomes unintelligible at times.

The behavior of the drug addict also starts exhibiting changes. His absences at work or in school become more frequent, for starters. A once straight-A student may start getting B’s and C’s or a very efficient worker may miss deadlines or botch client presentations. He also starts hanging out with different people and gets more discrete with his activities. Once a person who minds his own business, someone who is addicted to drugs becomes a troublemaker and starts getting involved in fights and illegal activities. One very telling behavior of drug addicts is that they seem to have a lot of financial issues. They constantly keep on borrowing from other people or even stealing just to finance their addiction.

Finally, drug addiction also manifests itself psychologically. The addict becomes irritable and moody, often with outbursts of anger. He becomes hyperactive and agitated one moment and then appears lethargic and tired the next. There are also times when he is just afraid or paranoid. He also exhibits other personality and attitudinal changes that cannot be easily unexplained.

If your loved one begins to exhibit any of the above signs, don’t waste time. Talk to him about your concerns and bring him to the rehab center where he can get the necessary help.

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