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Understanding Drug Treatment

If you or someone you love has become part of the statistic of the over 22 million people in the United States who have abused drugs and alcohol, getting intervention in the form of a drug treatment program is an essential step towards recovery. A lot of people think that drug treatment has to be done in a rehabilitation facility. In reality, however, this is just one of the treatment programs available to those who are dependent on drugs.

Drug treatment can be as simple as a group counseling session handled by a priest or a drug rehabilitation program run by medical practitioners. Treatment can also refer to an outpatient session where the addict attends an individual or group counseling session at particular days and times each week and simply takes medication at home.

A major component of a drug rehabilitation program is the physical and psychological support it gives to the addict. The withdrawal symptoms experienced by an addict are never pleasant and they can be life-threatening if not properly given the necessary medical support. This is why withdrawing “cold turkey” can be very dangerous. In drug rehab facilities, physicians are always ready to provide the medications needed to make the withdrawal symptoms more manageable. In addition, the program also provides nutritional support to help the addict recover physically.

As drug treatment progresses, the addict is gradually weaned away from the drug while counseling therapy continues to help the addict understand what led him to the addiction in the first place. Through these sessions, the individual slowly processes the issues he is facing in his life. More importantly, he is empowered with different ways to cope with these challenges without resorting to drugs. The program will also equip the individual the necessary social skills that they may have lost during their bout with addiction.

When the addict graduates from the drug rehab facility, the journey towards recovery is only halfway done. There are aftercare programs which act as a bridge between the person’s time at the rehab and general society. The individual is given the opportunity to have a job, pay rent and live in a drug-free community while regularly reporting to his rehabilitation counselor who will document his progress and determine if he is ready to go back to mainstream society.

Availability of Drug Treatment Programs

Drug treatment programs in the United States are relatively common. In each state, there are bound to be rehab facilities that aim to help those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol get back to their normal lives. With a growing number of insurance companies covering treatment and many centers providing affordable financing plans, getting out of the grip of drug and alcohol addiction has become within reach of many Americans. This is unlike the situation in other regions in the world, such as in Latin America, where only the wealthy can afford treatment.

There are also many different approaches to drug treatment in the country, too. There are institutional settings where 12-step programs are commonly followed, luxury rehab preferred by company executives and senior leaders and holistic programs that incorporate yoga and drug-free detoxification programs into the regimen, among others. There are also drug rehab programs that are meant only for Catholics, for women, men and adolescents.

The plethora of choices for drug treatment programs in the United States is extensive. Thus, there is no reason why a drug addict should not get treatment. If you or a member of your family is suffering from any form of addiction, there is a drug rehab facility that will certainly suit your needs.

Reasons to Get Drug Treatment

Drug addiction destroys lives. It may give a temporary escape from life’s problems at first but you pay dearly for it afterwards. The unlucky ones aren’t even given the chance to reform. They either get thrown in jail for a drug-related offense or die from overdose. It would be good if drug addiction can be avoided entirely but if this is not at all possible, it’s best to get intervention as promptly as possible for you or your loved one.

If you’re still not convinced that you or someone you love should get drug treatment, consider the following reasons:

1. Drug addiction is expensive. Crack, for example, is considered the “poor man’s cocaine” because regular cocaine is very expensive. But no matter how cheap crack is, anyone who continues to use it will still run out of money sooner or later because funding the habit will become expensive over time.

2.  Drug addiction can cost you your job. You only know all too well how drugs alter the brain’s chemistry and leads to changes in one’s personality. An addict will not be in touch with reality, may forget things and will lose the efficiency and focus he once had in the workplace. In his quest to continue to sustain the high that comes from drug addiction, he will inevitably miss a lot of workdays. Absences combined with a lot of missed workdays and constant inefficiency gets the addict fired.

3. Drug addiction leads to poor academic performance. If you are a student and become addicted to drugs, there’s a good chance that you will be putting your future on the line. It will be difficult to pass exams when you’re constantly seeking the high that huffing, synthetic marijuana and other drugs will give. You’ll also have more absences which can have a negative impact on your grades.

4. Drug addiction can lead to HIV/AIDS infection. When people get high on drugs, they become more aggressive. They are also more prone to risky behaviors such as sharing needles and having unprotected sex with multiple partners who may already be infected with HIV/AIDS or any other sexually-transmitted disease.

5. Drug addiction can lead you to do things that can land you in jail. When you’re high and driving, you could over speed and run the risk of having a car crash. If you don’t any more have money to fund your addiction, you could resort to stealing or theft just to be able to get the money to buy drugs. You could become aggressive and violent when you’re under the influence. When the police catches you doing any of these things, you’ll definitely end up in jail.

Drug addiction is a road to nowhere. Unless you get out, you’re definitely going to throw your life away unless you get the much-needed intervention that will help you turn away from drugs for the rest of your life. There are drug treatment programs located in each state that will suit your needs. Don’t wait for your addiction to lead you to the emergency room fighting for your life. Seek treatment today!

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